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  'No Team

A neurotypical's life married to a man with Autism Spectrum.
by Judith Newton

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inc p& h in books and reviews

Available as an e-book
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Asperger's Syndrome and Adults...

Is Anyone Listening?
by Karen Rodman

The Complete Guide to Asperger's Syndrome

Brings together a wealth of information on all aspects for children through to adults.
by Tony Attwood

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Why does my NT/ASD marriage partnership not work?

International Day of Recognition for Spouses of
Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder, June 8th.

This site has information for the neurotypical who is in a relationship with
someone who has Autism Spectrum including
Asperger's Syndrome/High Functioning Autism
The site is created by neurotypicals who have a
family member/spouse/partner with ASD/Hfa.

As we are advocates for raising awareness of the difficulties we face daily,
this site is for Cassandras and Cassanders everywhere.

If you are on the Autism Spectrum and would like information and support
please contact Aspergers Services Australia

What do neurotypicals in relationships
with those on the Autism Spectrum want?


Support for NTs
Assistance dealing with AS spouses/children
Listening to and believing us
Validation of what we have experienced
Education about Hfa and the impact on us
© Karen Rodman 2013 Founder and Director FAAAS Inc

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From: University New South Wales: A longitudinal study of the experiences of autistic adults, their carers/close family members/spouses of autistic adults (25 years and older), or adults without autism who would like to help us by completing a questionnaire, potential participants should follow this link to express their interest: