Recommended Reading


  'No Team

A neurotypical's life married to a man with Autism Spectrum.
by Judith Newton


Asperger's Syndrome and Adults...

Is Anyone Listening?
by Karen Rodman

The Complete Guide to Asperger's Syndrome

Brings together a wealth of information on all aspects for children through to adults.
by Tony Attwood


This site has information for the neurotypical who is in a relationship with
someone who has Autism Spectrum including Asperger's Syndrome.
It is created by neurotypicals who have a family member with ASD/AS.

As we are advocates for raising awareness of the difficulties we face daily,
this site is for Cassandras and Cassanders everywhere.

If you are on the Autism Spectrum and would like information and support
please contact Aspergers Services Australia

Research subjects needed
Dr Lisa Abel & Dr Rebekah Doley from Bond University (Australia) are conducting research into the relationship experiences of both partners within neurotypical – Asperger relationship dyads.

2. Jillian Sullivan is a postdoctoral researcher at the Sensory Processing Disorders Foundation in Colorado, conducting an online research study into sensory processing in adults with autism or Aspergers as well as parents of children with autism/Aspergers. Neurotypical participants are also welcome to take the survey for themselves. (Must be over 18 years old).

If you wish to participate please find further information at RESEARCH.


Coming Events

Conference to be held at The Language Department, UCAECE Mar del Plata, Argentina run by Professors Pedro Luis Luchini and Mónica Crivos presents Dr Lisa Abel, Assistant Professor, Bond University, Queensland and Karen Rodman, Director FAAAS Inc presenting to world renowned specialists in neurology, psychiatry and other related disciplines regarding the experience of non-Asperger’s partners in an intimate relationship with an adult on the autism spectrum. This conference will extend throughout South America, Mexico and USA. English translations of Dr Abel and Mrs Rodman’s presentations provided for non-Spanish speakers. The conference will extend over one day on Friday, 2nd November, 2012 (Argentinian time) and will be streamed live on the internet. Stress, coping, and resilience: An investigation into the well-being of partners of individuals with Asperger's syndrome: Research Findings Dr Lisa Abel & Dr Vicki Bitsika, Bond University the results of this research indicate that there are significant mental health outcomes for partners in neurotypical – AS relationships. The results are available in summary at RESEARCH.

Further Information

Support groups for those
who are on the Spectrum Asperger Services Australia

Neurotypical carers can also visit ...