Early diagnosis is key to getting help

Last updated at 15:33, Friday, 23 November 2012

AFTER losing her son in July, bereaved mother Amanda Morris of Barrow hit out over the time it took to diagnose him with Asperger Syndrome, a condition which affected the way he lived his entire life. Here, another mum fighting for diagnosis for her child shares her story with EMMA PRESTON.
His mum, Maria, said he has had difficulties since he was two.
“I think I’d instinctively made allowances and put strategies in place before I even knew something was going on."
For families trying to live with a child struggling to cope socially, suffering from anxiety or experiencing other common elements of Asperger’s, the wait for diagnosis is difficult.
She said: “Getting a clear diagnosis for autism or Asperger Syndrome can take time, as it is important that the child is individually assessed.
“If you get things sorted early it’s going to be so much better."
First published at 10:12, Wednesday, 21 November 2012
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