Mar del Plata, 18 de agosto de 2012
Organizan: UCAECE (Instituto de Lenguas) y Espacio Vital
Auspician: Instituto Gironzi , Panaacea, FAAAS Org.
Lugar: UCAECE Sede Mar del Plata
Organización del seminario:
10 hs: Lic. Edelma Peralta Cittadini, Psicopedagoga, Coordinadora de la Clínica del Asperger en Bahia Blanca, Instituto Gironzi, Argentina
11 hs: (via Skype) Dra. Alexia Rattazzi, Psiquiatra, fundadora y directora de PANAACEA, Argentina
12 hs: (via Skype) Dr. David Skuse, Institute of Child Health University College, University College London, UK.
13 hs: (via Skype) Mrs. Karen Rodman, Director of FAAAS Org. (Families of Adults Affected by Asperger's Syndrome), Cape Cod, Boston, Massachusetts, US.
Dr David Skuse is Professor of Behavioural and Brain Sciences at the UCL Institute of Child Health, and an Honorary Consultant in Developmental Neuropsychiatry. He runs the National Centre for High Functioning Autism at Great Ormond Street Hospital. Hismain research interests include: complex social communication disorders (autism spectrum conditions), and individual differences in cooperative styles of behaviour that could be influenced by genetic variation. His research focuses on psychiatric endophenotypes -cognitive, behavioural and neurophysiological indicators of dysfunctional biological processes in children and adolescents who are vulnerable to psychiatric disorders.
Mrs Rodman is nationally and internationally recognized for her expertise in AS. She was an invited speaker in Stockholm, where she presented a FAAAS workshop in 2001; in London, where she participated, with Dr. Attwood, in the world’s first Non-AS Spouse Workshop sponsored by the British National Autistic Society in 2000. She has handled over 4 million requests for information on AS in adults and the family perspective from around the world. She organized a workshop entitled "Family Matters: or Insight into Relationships and AS," in November 2010, which was replicated in Australia, in March 2011. Author of Asperger's Syndrome and Adults... Is Anyone Listening? Essays and Poems by Partners, Parents and Family Members...

Interpretación a cargo de los alumnos de la carrera de Traductor Público, UCAECE Sede MdP


First Seminar about Asperger’s Syndrome in adults at UCAECE
Mar del Plata, Argentina

Within the framework of the cooperation agreement recently signed between Universidad CAECE Mar del Plata and FAAAS, Inc., the American organization for families of adults affected by Asperger´s Syndrome, last Saturday the university was the site for the “First International Seminar about Asperger’s Syndrome in Adults.”

Through this agreement both institutions conjointly seek to contribute to various areas such as teaching, research and extension as well as in any other specific activity in areas of common interest regarding this condition.

The Language Department, run by Professors Pedro Luis Luchini and Mónica Crivos, at Universidad CAECE Mar del Plata started implementing a project through which students of the Sworn Translation Course did research and translated articles related to Asperger’s Syndrome provided by FAAAS Inc. Continuing with these actions and reinforcing the institutional commitment, an international seminar was held in this institution of higher learning, gathering undisputed referents of the Asperger’s Syndrome, such as Edelma Peralta Cittadini, educational psychologist and coordinator of the Asperger Clinic of the city of Bahía Blanca; Alexia Rattazzi, M.D., specialist in child psychiatry, founder and president of Panaacea (Argentinean program for children, adolescents and adults with autism spectrum conditions); David Skuse, M.D., professor of “Behavioral and Brain Sciences” at the UCL Institute of Child Health University College, University College London, UK.; and Mrs Karen Rodman, president and founder of FAAAS Inc. in the United States.

Asperger’s Syndrome is a neurobiological condition, which is part of the autism spectrum disorders. It can affect both men and women; however, the symptoms may vary according to gender. The sooner it is diagnosed the better will be the outcome. With a diagnose, proper education and, in some cases, the right medication, the children of the present and the future will have more possibilities than the children of the past, who grew up confused, misunderstood, and with no help at all. Although Asperger’s Syndrome is an “invisible” disorder, those affected by this disease may suffer from a serious disability as they can be as disabled as those who suffer from physical impairments. On this occasion, the lecturers participated via Skype, and the interpretation was entirely in charge of María Paz Fagoaga and Lucía Rolón, recently graduated Sworn Translators from Universidad CAECE, Mar del Plata.

Translated by María Celeste Martinez, advanced student at the Sworn Translation Program, UCACE Mar del Plata
Edited by Guillermo Valsangiacomo, Technical and Scientific Translator & Instructor at the Sworn Translation Program, UCAECE Mar del Plata