History of Cassandra

1997: FAAAS suggested the name “Mirror Syndrome” to describe the NT experience
1999: FAAAS: Cassandra Phenomenon
2000: FAAAS described Cassandra Phenomenon at FAAAS' first conference
2003: Maxine Aston, UK requested of FAAAS if she could change CP to CAD
Maxine Aston: CAD (Cassandra Affective Disorder)
2005: Maxine Aston requested that CAD be changed to CADD.
Maxine Aston: CADD (Cassandra Affective Deprivation Disorder)
2007: Maxine changed CADD to AfDD
Maxine Aston: AfDD (Affective Deprivation Disorder)
2009-2010: FAAAS suggested OTRS/C aka CP with a minor change to OTRS/CP
FAAAS: OTRS/CP, (Ongoing Traumatic Relationship Syndrome/Cassandra Phenomenon)

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