How does it always come about to be about You?

She is dead
My tears running without warning
I'm hiding in the bathroom
hide my face
so You don’t see it
don’t get angry

I must pull myself together
not give You any cause
to take offence

I can’t cope with Your
empathy deficit
not today
Can’t cope with Your grin

but on the other hand,
I have to tell You
I will be careful
will not show any emotions
not expect anything
just tell it like it is
So it doesn’t end up being about You

Can’t we just eat, You say when You hear the news of her Death
You swallow the dinner
before I have time to lift my fork
You put more on the plate
Your own
You talk elatedly
about Your latest electronic acquisition
soon an even newer model will be available

You have emptied the pot
although there was enough for two days
You can’t help it
You tell me it is my fault
I shouldn’t have put the pot on the table
I have to make myself a cheese sandwich

You're done and want my help
with the software installation
it has to be right now
can’t wait
You’re flapping your hands
getting your own way

Do I have to tell it one more time
perhaps You didn’t grasp it
She is Dead
and then you will hold me
be quiet with me for a moment
No how can I be so stupid
I will not tell it again

You put the headphones in your ears
connected to Your new iPhone
now You’re walking around
in the kitchen
shouting detached words
something You just heard
delayed by a sentence
it sounds like something about meteorology

I wait until You take the headphone from your ears
She is Dead, I say
passed away three hours ago
would You please
be a little quiet

You overturn the chair
now it comes
Why do I ALWAYS bother You?
You slam the door
walk away

Sofia Morgan