1. "Family Matters" USA, October, 2010
  2. "Family Matters" Australia, March 2011 with Karen Rodman on Skype
  3. Behind Closed Doors FAAAS Inc 2011
  4. First international seminar on AS in adults August, 2012 with Karen Rodman on Skype
  5. AEIOU Foundation Autism Research Forum Sept 2012 featuring Rita Jordan
  6. Dr Lisa Abel presents her’s and Dr Vicki Bitsika’s world first research into experiences of spouses of those with ASD, and Karen Rodman FAAAS Inc supporting, 2nd November 2012, University Mar del Plata, Argentina
  7. Mrs Karen Rodman, Director, FAAAS Inc presents to all tutors at Merrimack College, MA on Sunday, 18th November, 2012.
  8. Dr Lisa Abel presents her research findings to social workers/counsellors 20th December, 2012
  9. "The Game Plan" for carers, educators, partners and parents of those with AS and ASD with Sue Suchoki at Inala, 12th April. Further information here.
  10. "The Game Plan" for carers, educators, partners and parents of those with AS and ASD with Sue Suchoki at Wynnum, 3rd May, Banyo, 16th May, Toowoomba, 22nd May. Further information here.
  11. FAMILY MATTERS: AS/HFA and relationships, 17.12.2013, presented by FAAAS Inc with Lisa Abel PhD MAPS as featured speaker.
    Flyer with details click here

  12. Pacific Rim Conference on Disability UHM College of Education 19 and 20 May, 2014
    Spouses/partners of adults with ASD flyer handed to participants. Click here.

    Pac Rim Conference 2014 provides international recognition for neurotypical spouses caring for adults with High functioning autism and their worldwide support networks. Click here

  13. Inaugural Day Commemorating Spouses of Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder, June 8, 2014
  14. Presentation of two research papers regarding experiences of spouses of adults with Hfa by Dr Lisa Abel at Australian Psychology Association Annual Conference
    Hobart, Oct, 2014

  15. 31st Annual Pacific Rim International Conference on Disability UHM College of Education May 18-19, 2015 promotional flyer for spouses of adults with autism worldwide support networks. Click here
  16. Lisa Marie Abel Ph.D. MAPS was guest speaker presenting her research findings on challenges & difficulties for the NT in ASD-NT adult relationships to pre-graduation psychologists at UCLA Los Angeles 26 October, 2015.
  17. Cathryn Rench PhD will facilitate a workshop regarding the impact of parental autism spectrum disorder on conflict resolution at the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts AFCC 53rd Annual Conference, Modern Families: New Challenges, New Solutions. Seattle Washington, June 1-4, 2016.

    The Impact of Parental Autism Spectrum Disorder on Conflict Resolution

    The majority of married adults with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) remain undiagnosed, contributing significant and unexplained challenges to all spheres of family functioning.

    Healthcare providers, educators and family law professionals who do not discern how parental ASD impacts conflict resolution face the risk of compounding a family’s presenting issues.

    This workshop offers a thorough review of the current literature on adult ASD, and presents data from a new study on co-parenting when a partner has ASD. To read the full abstract please click here.

  18. FAAAS presents on Skype to University Mar del Plata, Argentina, the latest information on intimate adult relationships with an adult on the Autism Spectrum. Organizan: UCAECE (Instituto de Lenguas) y Espacio Vital Auspician: Instituto Gironzi , Panaacea, FAAAS Org. Lugar: UCAECE Sede Mar del Plata