New Research Project – please participate

Topic:  NT-AS Relationship Dyads

Dr Lisa Abel & Dr Rebekah Doley from Bond University (Australia) are conducting research into the relationship experiences of both partners within neurotypical – Asperger relationship dyads. Specifically, the aim of the research is to investigate the extent to which each partner perceives there to be a match between their expectations about how relationships function and the reality of their own relationship. Questions regarding the match between relationship ideals and relationship reality, partner ideals and partner reality, as well as conflict resolution ideals and conflict resolution reality are the focus of Part 1 of the research program. The second component of the research program (Part 2) focuses specifically on partners’ experiences with relationship counselling. Specifically, we are seeking to investigate couples’ experiences with counselling when that counselling has taken place with a psychologist.

The inclusion criteria for Part 1 of the research program is that the AS partner have a formal diagnosis of AS or there has been a formal recognition by a mental health care professional (e.g., psychologist; psychiatrist) that the partner meets most of the diagnostic criteria for AS.

The inclusion criterion for Part 2 of the research program is that the individual has attended therapy with a psychologist either on their own or with their partner specifically for relationship counselling / assistance.

Part 1 of the research includes a questionnaire and interview component; partners can complete one or both components. Part 2 of the research is an interview only; either partner may complete this component.

If you are interested in participating, please contact Dr Lisa Abel via email () or alternatively access the questionnaire for Part 1 using the following URL:

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