About RSS

What is RSS?
RSS is a service provided that allows you to subscribe to a page. By doing this, you can be alerted to changes and updates, as well as receiving the updates through your computer, by using a news reader of your choice. Because of the way this service works, it is entirely anonymous, and no personal data is (or can be) recorded or stored.

What is a news reader?
A news reader, technically known as a news aggregator, is software that can understand how to read the RSS subscription, and converts into something easy to read and understand for humans. Most programs use an appearance similar to that of emails, making receiving updates for your subscription nice and simple. However, you don't necessarily need to download or install a new program to use this; most internet browsers (like the one you're reading this page with now) are also capable of understanding these subscriptions too.

Some recommended (and free!) applications to subscribe to the RSS updates are:

Please note, this description or recommened list is not extensive, but should allow you to use the supplied RSS feed. If you have any questions or concerns relating to this page or the RSS service provided, please contact the webmaster